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Who Has Your Keys? Make Sure To Rekey Your Locks After Moving In

Who-has-your-keys---rekey-postDo you know who else has the keys to your current home or business? Have you ever thought to change the locks? A quick and cheap solution is to have your locks re-keyed.

One of the 1st things that you need to do when you move into a new home is re-key your locks or change your locks. Alongside that make sure that they are all secure and functional. You have no clue who may have had the keys to your home prior to you owning it. Copies could have been made, or keys may have not been returned. They are even stories of ex owners after being foreclosed on coming back and taking things from the current renters or owners.

This great information was provided to you by FindGoodMovers.net and also the people at East Valley Lock and Key. We hope that this was helpful in keeping the new home or business you have moved into secure.

Re-Key Your Home Locks – Stay Secure

key-going-into-a-kwikset-lockYou will also want to get your mailbox lock changed if needed and any other point of entry into the home. Re-keying all of your locks is a simple and inexpensive way to insure that you and your belongings are safe. Most locksmiths will only charge 20 to 30 dollars per re-key depending on the type of lock your door has on it.

Stories Of Break- Ins By Ex Tenants



Also Re-Key Commercial Property As Well After Move In

commercial-propery-ArizonaResidents are not the only ones that fall victim to ex owners and tenants with keys. Many business owners have had the same issue with prior tenants of the commercial property coming and stealing items from their business. This may seem crazy to some, but this happens all of the time.

Another time a business owner may want to re-key or change the locks is if you let go of a disgruntled employee or in some cases any employee. You never know how they really felt about you. Or if they have a hidden criminal past. There are horror stories about groups of ex employees ram-shaking their ex work places soon after they have been let go.

Don’t Wait For It To Happen, Stop It From Happening

There is no reason to wait and find out if the wrong person has your key in their hands. With a quick call to a local locksmith and you can save yourself the worry for a very small cost. The process is quick and most locksmith services will be willing to come out the same day you call or set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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