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Securing your home or office is clearly a must. Knowing how to go about choosing the best locks for any of your needs can also be a chore. You also must know how to go about getting new keys for those locks in case of any issues with people you may be sharing keys with.

Commercial lock security is certainly something any business needs to know a great deal about. Any self-respecting business owner will need to safeguard his or her hard work by making sure the business is locked properly. Luckily, many high quality yet low cost solutions exist to make sure any business is secure.

Locks designed for commercial use range greatly, in both price and design, in even a much greater array than residential locks. A good example of a type of lock suited for use in a business is a pushbutton lock. This type of lock allows you to program in a simple sequence of numbers to unlock the door. This type of lock is best suited for a situation where the door must opened frequently. Finding your key to unlock a door that you may need to open thirty times a day can be quite a waste of precious business hours. This lock is also very secure in the sense that it cannot be picked and passwords are not simply too easy to guess right off the top of a would-be criminal’s head. The good thing about this kind of lock is that, unlike locks that require keys, if you need to change who has access to opening the door, it’s as simple as changing the password, no need for lock rekeying at all.

A business may also consider Mortise locks for their doors as the position of a Mortise lock inside the door keeps any would-be pickers from having direct access to the lock. Lock rekeying is also a snap as any regular locksmith can easily rekey a Mortise lock.

Residential lock security is perhaps even more important. The lock that you chose for your doors are going need to protect your loved ones and family successfully. Whether you are choosing to go with a just a door knob lock or perhaps a dead bolt lock, the main way to strengthen you security to settle on the heaviest door your budget may permit. Otherwise, the most common issue home owners have with residential lock security is what to do if an unwanted someone still has a key to their locks. Luckily, with most modern door knobs and deadbolts, rekeying your locks yourself is quite easy, as long as those locks are still in good condition. Many guides exist online and long you have good quality lock and a new kit you can rekey your own locks like a pro.

That is the good news. If you can follow simple instructions you can rekey your own locks and not have to worry about buying new ones or having to call a locksmith to do the work for you. Commercial and residential lock security is all about making sure you have quality and making sure that only trusted parties have access to the code or the key used to unlock the door. Keeping your home or business safe is important but simple common sense can go a long way toward prevention. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate (602) 730-9772

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