Panic Bars and Exit Devices

Keep Your Business and Commercial Property Fire Compliant

Panic bars and Exit devices began to be manufactured and implemented in the early 1900’s to prevent people from getting trapped in buildings on account of any mishaps or fire disaster. The rules and regulations regarding escape from buildings and general safety has made installation of these exit devices mandatory in most parts of Arizona. These exit devices are an excellent choice for securing a building as well as in providing a safe way of exit in times of emergency. We offer Free Estimates Monday-Friday, Call today to Set up an Appointment (602) 730-9772.

Purpose of installation of panic bars and exit devices:

These devices are exclusively designed to meet the safety requirements of buildings where people are gathered in large crowds. Though the door is kept locked from outside these devices enable people from inside to leave quickly and safely. The main purpose of this unique device is to provide a safe and effective escape through the door with least effort and without prior knowledge of operating the device. If safety and security are your concern then installation of panic bars and exit devices is absolutely necessary.

Designed to suit your needs:

There is a wide range of panic bars and exit devices to suit your specific needs and requirements. Whether you need an exit bar for your front door, back door, an emergency exit door or any other door there is one to suit your need. There are also customized panic bars to fit your needs. Besides this there is a wide array of adjustable panic and exit bars, store front exit bars and even panic bars with emergency alarms fitted to them.

Features of panic bars and exit devices:

These devices are designed and built in such a way to provide superior life safety and security features. The tough and durable design ensures trouble-free service for many years. They are also simple and quick to install and requires minimal door preparation. A slight pressure on the touch bar can detach the latches and open the door for immediate exit. Moreover its internal parts are made of high rust resistant materials to avoid corrosion.

Types of exit devices:

1. The rim type is designed in such a way that it can be fitted on the inside surface of any door. These are best suited for small buildings where the traffic is less. They can be easily installed and cost-effective too.

2. Mortise type: This is best suited for medium and large sized buildings. Though simple in design it is very sturdy and durable. They are ideal for installation at schools and hospitals.

3. Surface and concealed exit devices: This is an excellent choice for big buildings where safety and security is of major concern. Another advantage is that it perfectly fits any type of building.

4. All of the above types are available with and alarm for doors that must have exit ability during an emergency but not suring regular circumstances. This is a great way to reduce theft and unauthorized entry for most businesses.

As this exit device facilitates hands-free exit it is also called as crash bar. Crash bars imply that it can be easily opened by merely applying body force to it. If safety is your first priority then install panic bars and exit devices today. Contact East Valley Lock and Key at (602) 730-9772 today to set up a consultation. We specialize in installation, repair and replacement of all lock systems. Install one today and secure your building to provide utmost life security during a crisis and be fire code compliant in the state of Arizona.

Trim Styles Available

  • Key locks and unlocks lever handle or thumbpiece. Trim can be left unlocked and locked at the end of the day.
  • Key retractable latch assembly. Exit device remains locked from outside, entry by key only. Not available with all manufacturers.
  • Key unlocks trim only while key is inserted. User turns key, operates control for entry. Trim is relocked when user removes key.
  • Blank trim is rigid, usable as a handle to pull the door open when either the bar is dogged down using the dogging feature or when the latch is retracted by user.

Brands of Exit Devices we Can Install and Service

ANSI, Arrow, Adams Rite, Detex, Dorma, Monarch, Sargent, First Choice, Cal Royal, Corbin Ruswin, and Jackson.

East Valley Lock and Key Also Repairs and Installs

Push paddles, Touch Bars, Crash Bars, Delayed Egress, Automatic Door Closers, Rim Style Exit Devices, Mortise, Surface Vertical Rod, Concealed Vertical Rod, Mid Panel, UL Fire Rated for Interior Doors, and Narrow Stile for Glass Doors.

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