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Should You Repair Or Replace Your Mortise Locks?

Do you have a shaky or old mortise lock installed at your home or office building in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale AZ or another part of the Valley? It is common for locks to become hard to open, hard to close, or maybe locking it has become a problem. Locks get used often, many commercial locks get used upwards of hundreds of times a day, so no matter how high quality of a lock you purchase eventually it will need some TLC to bring it back to a high level of working order. We offer lock repair for most mortise locks that are less than 25 years old.

Mortise locks have been a standard for high security residences and commercial buildings for over 100 years. The earliest mortise locks used a skeleton key with a built in warded lock mechanism, but now a days mortise locks will use a pin tumbler cylinder.

The concept of the lock provides a way for the lock to be concealed within the door frame to offer it protection. Coupled with a steel or hard-wood door, a good mortise lock can make your outside doors much more capable of repelling a non-welcomed intruder. They are also used in many commercial and expensive residential properties due to their customizable appearance that architects like.

To Repair Or Replace The Mortise Lock … That is the Question!

Since mortise locks will usually set you back a pretty penny, and the outside of the metal panels being a big part of that price, we always try to repair a mortise lock before completely replacing it. If your lock is under 10 years old and is not worn or beaten up on the outside, one of our locksmiths can usually break the lock down and replace the wafers inside or re-align them so a key will not stick. Also locks need to be lubricated from time to time to make sure that each of the tumblers turn properly. In most cases we can replace/repair the parts in your mortise locks at East Valley Lock & Key.

3 Reasons that you will want to replace your mortise locks:

  • Your lock is more than 10 years old.
  • The door is worn or cracked – then you should really consider a new door and lock.
  • The lock is extremely rusted and broken down.

Check out this video that I found on YouTube about Sargent Mortise Locks:

Check out these awesome custom mortise locks:

antique-mortise-lock mortise-lock1 mortise-lock-2 mortise-lock-4 mortise-lock-5 mortise-lock6 mortise-locks-3

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