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Top 10 Ways to Secure Your Home in Arizona

Any home in the Phoenix Metropolitan area can fall victim to property theft and home invasion, on average a homeowner can expect $1,600 to $2,000 in property damage and property theft. This can be almost completely avoided by safe exit/entry practices and taking a weekend to secure your home properly. Below I will discuss the top 10 ways to secure your home.

1. Research Crime in Your Area

Stay on top of crime statistics in the area your live, if you live in a high-risk area make sure to increase the security in your home. A great place to check the current crimes happening in your area is https://www.azcentral.com/CrimeMaps/.

2. Install a Wide-Angle Viewer or “Peephole”

This is a simple, yet effective way to screen people coming to your home, Forced entry accounts for a large part of total home invasions. Any Locksmith, Door Repair Company, or experienced do it yourself advocate can install a peephole in less than 30 minutes.

3. Install Deadbolts on All Exterior Doors

Installing deadbolts is not only a great way to add an additional keyhole, but it also an excellent way to increase the strength of your door in the locked position by adding an additional anchor point.

4. Install Locks on all Exterior Windows in the Home

A simple and cost effective way to enhance security is with a set of window locks, they can be picked up at any hardware or home improvement store and can be installed easily by even the most mechanical challenged.

5. Rekey your New Purchased Home

It is very important for a new homeowner to rekey the entire home once receiving the keys. Many times property management companies will loan the keys out to a number of contractors before the house goes on the market and many bank owned properties are rekeyed to the same key (potentially 100s of properties, 1 key code).

6. Keep a List of Current Keyholders

Keep a comprehensive list of all heyholders for your home and make sure to update the list regularly. Having a dedicated door entry door on a separate for housekeepers and visitors cam also save you money should a loaned key be compromised.

7. Have an Alarm System installed

Many alarm companies have a very low upfront cost for setup of the system and most only charge $15-$40 per month for monitoring and upkeep. East Valley Lock and Key recommends ADT.com to all of our customers.

8. Add Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Activated lights are designed to come on when your house is most vulnerable (at night), they can be obtained at any major home retailer and usually range from $20-$60 per light. These lights can be very simple to install and are an excellent deterrent to anyone wanting to get near your home.

9. Keep your Yard Neat and Tidy

An unkempt yard can give criminals and burglars numerous ways to keep out of site when breaking into your home. Make sure all trees and hedges are neatly trimmed, when located in front of or near doors and windows.

10. Get a Dog

Many burglars avoid houses with dogs altogether as they are much riskier for the criminal. This is the most complicated way to secure your home as it requires a love for dogs and some serious commitment for upkeep but also one of the most effective.

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