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Need Garage Door Repairs? Check Out AZ Garage Pros

az-garage-smallLooking to have your garage door repaired in the Phoenix, AZ area. We have extended our service family with a garage door repair service The AZ GARAGE PROS. The mission is to bring low rates on the best garage door services available in Arizona.  From garage door springs , to openers to panels we will deliver great service at super cheap rates. Our company already provides the most highly trusted locksmith services in the valley so we figured why not expand into the garage door space.

AZ Garage Pros – Garage Door Repair

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2722 E. Pinchot Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85016
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Garage doors are a necessity in every home as it helps in keeping your cars and valuable safe from different environmental elements, vandals and burglars. It plays an important role in increasing the overall appeal of your home. But there are some instances when these garage doors develop some kind of problems. Thus you will need maintenance for your garage doors as it is used very often by you and your family. You may want these doors to open and close easily when ever you use them. But at times these garage doors may malfunction and you will need to replace or fix it entirely. There are some problems that can be fixed by homeowners while some problems need the help of professionals for handling the situation.

Faulty garage door opener- this is a very common problem that you may have to face if you have automatic doors with electric openers. These doors develop these issues due to the failure of closing or opening of the doors. This problem arises because of failure of the electrical circuits or drive motors for controlling the safety sensors or the remote controls. Thus when you face this problem you will need the help of a professional who is highly experienced in solving this problem.

garage door off track un even doorBent panels or doors- this problem is commonly faced by garage doors as the cars rolls into the doors. The doors are also bent if you try to close it with something that comes in its way. Aluminum and steel doors are more vulnerable to bending. Thus the solution for this problem is to straighten the doors which can be done easily by a professional help. If you notice that your doors are bent excessively then you will need to replace the slats and panels so that your door will look new.

Jammed tracks and broken springs- most of the garage doors have rollers that run of the tracks and it guides the doors when you open or close the doors. But there are some reasons that can cause the rollers to get jammed and it prevents the doors from moving smoothly. Thus if you need to solve this problem, you will simply need to lubricate the tracks. But if the rollers have worn out then you will have to replace the rollers so that you can get a perfectly working doors.

Failed mechanisms- garage doors are generally balanced by weights or springs. But with constant use of these doors, the springs tend to break which causes lose of tension. Thus to restore the lost tension or replace the springs, you will need the help of a professional for getting a perfectly working garage door.

Jammed garage door locks- locks are a very important part of the garage doors but locks tend to jam from time to time. Thus to solve this problem you will need to replace your lock or take professional help for repairing the faulty part.

Uneven garage door shifts- there are times when you face problem while opening or closing the door easily. This may be due to obstruction or debris that gets accumulated in the tracks of the garage doors. Thus you will need to clear and clean the tracks and even after this if the problem persists then you will need to check the quality of the springs. The springs should have the same stretch capacity and same length for smooth movement.

Arizona Areas Serviced For Garage Door Repairs:

El Mirage
Fountain Hills

Litchfield Park
Paradise Valley

North Scottsdale
Rio Verde
Sun City
Queen Creek


Garage Door Repair, Springs, Panels, Keypads, Openers and more.

Also learn about common problems with garage doors as well.

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