East Valley Lock & Key is very experienced at installing and repairing any form of Medeco locks, whether they be installed at a residential or commercial location. Give us a call today if you need a Medeco Lock rekey, lock repair, deadbolt repair or fresh installation. We can help you with all your Medeco lock brand needs, just give us a call to set up your appointment for service!


  • Maxum Deadbolt
  • 14 Series Deadbolt
  • Classic Logic Deadbolt

Rim & Mortise Cylinders

  • Medeco³ Rim & Mortise
  • Classic Logic Rim & Mortise
  • Nexgen XT Rim & Mortise
  • Medeco³ Logic Rim & Mortise
  • Aperio Mortise Cylinder

Key in Knob/Lever

  • Medeco³ Key in Lever/Knob
  • Nexgen XT KIK/KIL
  • Medeco³ Logic KIK/KIL
  • Classic Logic KIK/KIL

Interchangeable Core

  • Large Format Interchangable Core
  • Medeco³ Logic LFIC
  • Classic Logic LFIC
  • Small Format Interchangable Core
  • Nexgen XT SFIC

Residential Locks

  • Residential Deadbolt
  • Residential Handleset
  • Classic Logic Deadbolt

International Cylinders

  • Export Cylinders
  • Nexgen XT Euroline
  • Medeco³ Logic Euroline
  • Classic Logic Euroline

Cam Locks

  • Medeco³ Cam Lock
  • Removable Core Cam Lock
  • Nexgen XT Cam Lock
  • Classic Logic Cam Lock
  • DuraCam Cam Lock
  • DuraCam II Cam Lock
  • MVP Cam Lock
  • Extension Lock

Cabinet Locks

  • Medeco³ Cabinet Locks
  • Medeco³ Showcase Lock
  • Medeco³ Plunger Lock
  • Nexgen XT Cabinet Locks
  • Classic Logic Cabinet Lock
  • Classic Logic Showcase Lock
  • Aperio Cabinet Lock

Switch Locks

  • Micro Switch Lock
  • Rotary Switch Lock

Vending Equipment Locks

  • T-Handle Cylinder
  • NEXGEN® T-Handle Cylinder
  • NEXGEN® Removable Plug Lock
  • Removable Plug Lock
  • T Handle
  • Nexgen XT T-Handle Cylinder
  • Classic Logic T-Handle Cylinder

East Valley Lock & Key – Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with top level security services in a fast paced world. We want to be your locksmith company for life, and promise to go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy with our services.