Lock Rekey Services

Why would I need my locks rekeyed?

There are a multitude of reason’s why you would need to rekey the locks on your car, house or business. Anytime a person changes tenants, buys a new house, loses or has a set of keys stolen, change roommates, leasing a new office, or anytime you need to prevent people or person’s from accessing your property.

When you rekey, what is replaced?

Generally we replace the keys, pins, sometimes the springs and in extreme cases the entire cylinder assembly if it is very worn or damaged.


Why wouldn’t I just replace the locks?

Changing the locks is also an acceptable solution but rekeying saves time and money! By simply removing the existing locks and reconfiguring them to a different key configuration, you will be able to save the time and prevent the need for additional services to be done. For instance when changing lock sets on a home, if you decide to install a lockset that has a smaller footprint, a painter will need to come out and touch up the the paint lines. Finally, it’s Green!

What if my locks are sticky?

East Valley Lock and Key always re-builds, cleans and re-lubricates all of the locks that we rekey. We also offer a 180 day warranty on our lock services to give you an added piece of mind.

Can I have all the locks on the same key?

Absolutely, as long as the locks are compatible with one another we can key them all alike. For instance a Schlage cannot be rekeyed to match a Kwikset as the key guides and pin heights were built differently. Many locks can be retrofitted, please give us a call with you situation and we will be happy to assist you.

What Types of Locks can be rekeyed?

Handles, Deadbolts, Disc Tumbler Locks, Rim Cylinder, Adams Righ, Mailbox Lockst, Multi Point Locking Doors, Pool Gates, File Cabinets, File Cabinets, Drawers, Some Vending Machines, Automotive locks (cars and traucks), Mortise Locks, Mailboxes, and more.

What Brands of Hardware can be rekeyed?

We can rekey almost any lock but here is a list of the most common types: Adams Rite, American Lock, Arrow, ASSA, Baldwin, Best, Brinks, Corbin Russwin, Detex, Defiant, Emtek, Falcon, Kwikset, Master Lock, Maxtech, Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, Schlage Primus, Strattec, Tuff Stuff, US-1 Lock, Von Duprin, Weiser Lock, Weslock, Yale Locks.

What is a Master Key?

Master key systems are designed to control the access to the property and saves you money when it’s time to rekey one of the lower level keyways. We we reconfigure the lock we will set the configuration to accept 2 or more unique keys. By having multiple levels, you can easily monitor who has access to one department or door while having the convenience of having 1 master key to open all the locks.

Common Applications for Master Key Systems

  • Home Owners Associations
  • Large Commercial Properties
  • Great for maids, caretakers or nannies to allow 1 point of access
  • Vacation/Rental Homes
  • Roomates
  • Medical Facilities
  • Any Property that requires extra security

Is a Multi-Level Master Key Diagram

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